Friday, 31 January 2020

How To Purchase Keycode For Webroot Download?

Webroot Download

World-class cybersecurity solution like Webroot requires you to set it up properly on your connected devices. The setup process begins with a simple and quick procedure of Webroot Download. You can enjoy complete peace of mind by deploying this unbeatable security cover involving Webroot Download and Installation. 

How To Purchase Keycode For Webroot Download?

  1. First and foremost, you will need to open an Internet Browser that is available on your system. 
  2. Now, you should access Webroot’s official website i.e. “”. 
  3. On the following window, click on the “For Home” tab which you will find at the very top and expand its Menu box. Now, check the “Products” section enlisting all the available products and go through them one-by-one. 
  4. Subsequently, compare the products and choose the most suitable one. Then, click on it to go to the “Product” window. 
  5. The following window showcases its complete details including its cost. Hence, go through the details carefully for any change in your choice. 
  6. Then, click on the Arrow signs beneath “Years” and select your Subscription Tenure. 
  7. Thereafter, click on the “ADD TO CART” button and proceed to make payment for Webroot Download. 
  8. Next, you should select the “Currency” and “Language” from the top right-hand side corner of the Payment window. 
9.    After that, click on the drop-down box for “Number of Devices to Protect” and select an appropriate option.
10.  As a result, it will automatically update its final cost which you can check beside the “Number of Devices to Protect”. 
11.  Now, move to the right-hand side panel of this window. Then, fill in the “Your Address” section accurately with your Billing Address. 
12.  In addition to that, you can opt for a different Delivery Address by selecting the “Different delivery address?” checkbox. Thereafter, it will allow you to enter another Address for receiving your Installation CD. 
  1. Beneath that, you have the “Payment Options” section. Hence, select your preferred option. Here, you can select either any of the available “BankCard” or “PayPal”. Thereafter, provide your respective Payment Details accurately. 
  2. Before proceeding further, you must go through the terms of “Terms & Conditions”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Right of Revocation” for Webroot Download. For this, click on the respective links one-by-one and read the documents properly. 
  3. Finally, click on the “Buy Now” button located beneath the “Payment Options” section for Webroot Download. 
  4. This completes the purchase for Webroot Download’s Activation Keycode. As a result, it will send you a “Purchase Confirmation Email” at the Email Address given above.  


Open Internet Browser and Access Webroot
To begin with, open an Internet Browser available on your computer like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. Thereafter, launch “” which is the official website for Webroot Download. 
Create Account
Now, you must create your Webroot Account in order to perform the Webroot Download process. Therefore, follow the given steps to set up your account. 
  • On Webroot download’s official website, click “My Account” from the top Black Band to access the “Sign In” window. 
  • Then, click on the “Create Account” tab and move to its Account Creation window.
  • Subsequently, fill in the empty text boxes with required “Profile Information” accurately. This includes: 
  • Webroot Product Keycode
  • Email Address
  • Repeat Email Address
  • Password
  • Repeat Password
  • Your Personal Security Code
  • Security Question
  • Security Answer 
  • Thereafter, review the terms for “Privacy Statement”, “Website Terms of Service”, and “License Agreement” by clicking on the respective links. 
  • Finally, click on “Register Now”. 
  • Consequently, it will send you a “Confirmation Email” on the Email Address given above. Therefore, log in to the same and open this “Confirmation Email”. Thereafter, verify your Email Address by clicking the Verification Link.  
Register Your Purchased Product
Thereafter, you must proceed with registering the purchased product for Webroot Download as explained below.
  1. Launch a Web Browser and access “”.
  2. Then, enter your “Email Address” and Webroot “keycode” correctly. You can find this 20-digit alphanumeric code in the “Purchase Confirmation Email” or “CD Installation Package”.
  3. Then, click “Next”.
  4. Thereafter, provide the corresponding “Password” and “Sign In” to register your product. 
Get Webroot Download
As you register your product, it adds a secure Webroot Download link to your Account. You will find the same under your purchased Subscription. Hence, click on “Download” to begin the downloading process.
Save The File
Along with that, it might require you to specify a preferred Download location. Hence, click “Save” or “Save As”. Then, click “Browse” and select a location. 
Complete The Process
Finally, wait for the Webroot Download process to complete successfully.